Struggling with vendor payments- No More!

Andrew Greig algreig at
Thu Aug 4 10:30:13 EDT 2005

Thanks Beth and Maf,

In short: "He's got it! By George, he's got it!"

Several repetitions of the process have relieved me of much hard work.
Stress levels have receded, smile has returned.  I have even taken this
way of thinking into dealing with my VISA debit card.  As it uses my own
funds, and as I have no need for a cheque book, I have decided to treat
it as a cheque book for the miscellaneous purchases made on behalf of
the business.  It should work out OK I think.

My vendors and clients are entered as needed. I must say I am very
impressed with the hyperlinks in the reports eg Accounts Receivable,
click on a customer and up comes their card, ready to make the call
where is it? And hopefully not to hear that "It's in the post"


Andrew Greig

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