invoice help please.

Maf. King maf at
Sat Aug 6 05:15:28 EDT 2005

On Saturday 06 Aug 2005 03:12, eph man wrote:
> hello,
> i just installed and setup gnucash for a small business.  seemed to be
> pretty simple and straight forward.  but i tried to enter and invoice
> for a client and it didn't show up in account recievables?  i posted
> it, and i see it when i search for the invoice.  but when i search
> results show up it shows that the invoice has been paid as well with a
> checkmark?  i read the manual which also was pretty straight forward,
> but for some reason i believe i must be missing something?


Don't have a lot of time right now,  but my first thoughts are: 

is your A/R account of type A/R?  
Do you have 2 A/R accounts set up, and did you post to the wrong one? 
Did you use the Business -> Customers -> New invoice process to enter the 
If you look at the transaction's other accounts (income:something?) where do 
they show the invoice as being recorded?

Which version of GC are you running?


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