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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sat Aug 6 16:42:56 EDT 2005


There will probably be performance issues.  There are a number
of algorithms with are O(n) with the number of accounts of
number of transactions.  Even worse, there are SOME algorithms
which are worse, either O(n log n) or O(n^2)...  or even worse.

You're talking about 73000 transactions.  It's unclear how GnuCash
would react.  It mostly depends on how you're using it, and which
reports you use.  I would certainly recommend that any reports you
configure you save (i.e., leave open and never close)...  But it's
still likely you'll take a hit during startup.


"Ravindra B. Bodhe" <rbodhe at> writes:

> Hello,
> I intend to use GNU Cash personal accounts.
> I want to know what is the max. size of the account file, that can be used by
> GNU Cash.
> Can I store, for example, 10 years of personal account, with about 20
> transactions per day,  in a single file without any performance issues?
> What could be the size of such file.
> Appreciate someone respond to this.
> Thanks,
> Ravindra
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