Gnucash/Tiger suddenly stops startup

Alan Schussman alan at
Mon Aug 8 11:45:59 EDT 2005


I've been using Gnucash on Tiger (10.4.2) for a couple of months now  
without any problems. This morning, Gnucash won't start; I get the  
following error when I run it from the console, after which it stops  
loading and returns me to the prompt:

ERROR: In procedure string-append:
ERROR: Wrong type argument (expecting STRINGP): #f

Gnucash worked just fine only three days ago, and I haven't done  
anything to either X11 or OSX since then. I tried using Fink  
Commander to uninstall/reinstall gnucash, but that doesn't seem to  
have had any effect.

I'd really appreciate any suggestions on how to get up and running  


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