Struggling with vendor payments

Andrew Sackville-West andrew at
Wed Aug 10 12:42:43 EDT 2005

> Hi Derek,
> Progress is not all that good. :-( 
> I've never encountered anything like scheme or lisp before, and the report 
> code doesn't seem like it is trivial....

Did you find that MIT scheme doc? its pretty good. Also, the hardest 
part I've found is tearing into the gnc code and finding what the gnc 
calls actually do.
> I can't work out how the script knows if the total balance outstanding is 0, 
> and thus to hide the company in the final report.
> Am I correct in saying that every relevant transaction over the past year is 
> put into a "bucket", and only non-zero totals are shown by the html 
> rendering , or are zero-total companies thrown away "on the fly"?

A quick look at aging.scm suggest that lines 232 - 238 or so might help. 
there's specific reference to listing "0" companies. basically, it looks 
at the bill and if its closed, then it skips it. if its not closed then 
it calls "do-update" which is the function that does the work (line 
179-). Try just "do-update"ing all values instead of not(is-paid?) ones...


> PS  I'm working on the script from the source tree of 1.8.11

me too.

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