Struggling with vendor payments

Andrew Sackville-West andrew at
Wed Aug 10 15:03:41 EDT 2005

Maf. King wrote:
> On Wednesday 10 Aug 2005 18:02, you wrote:
>>Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
>>>A quick look at aging.scm suggest that lines 232 - 238 or so might help.
>>>there's specific reference to listing "0" companies. basically, it looks
>>>at the bill and if its closed, then it skips it. if its not closed then
>>>it calls "do-update" which is the function that does the work (line
>>>179-). Try just "do-update"ing all values instead of not(is-paid?)
>>try something like:
>>(if (and is-paid? optname-showzero-totals [or whatever you call the
>>  (do-update value)
>>  (if (not is-paid?)
>>  (do-update value)))
>>I think that will add in the company when its paid and the option is on
>>or whne its not paid, and no other time. make sense?
> Hi Andrew,
> Thanks for the input - but... ;-)
> I had seen these comments and thought along the same lines as you, but that 
> throws totals off - possibly because the report only looks back 360 days. ( I 
> end up with a load of negatives on suppliers I haven't used for a while)

hmmm... how far back do you want it to go? i saw that the start date was 
hacked in and sort of fixed. Maybe the show zeros would have to become 
"show only zero's and balances owed, no overpayments shown" which is 
sort-of stupid but might save having to 1)figure out what the date 
problem is and 2)solving that problem ;)

IMHO a payables aging report should show totals for all time, but there 
must be some issue with the dates. personally, I wouldn't mind having 
extra vendors in there as I would be using it merely to speed up the 
data entry of invoices, which I believe is where we started ?

> Also, the boolean from the dialog box doesn't seem to be available at that 
> point in the script, but that could be because I've done something wrong, and 
> I do have more ideas on that to try when it isn't time to cook tea....

I'm not sure, but I think the boolean isn't available until the 
"(add-option"  code. from peeking VERY QUICKLY at other reports it seems 
that the (add-options could come earlier in the report and solve that 
problem. maybe? did you get the option values using (showzero-totals 
(get-option gnc:pagename-general optname-showzero-totals)) ??

could you send me the fileyou're working on? I'm really new to this too 
and have no scheme experience and lisp was 15years ago. so I'm figuring 
this out along-side you...


> Still, at least I am in the right area of the script, and I understood exactly 
> what you wrote, so my learning scheme is obviously working... 
> Cheers,
> Maf. 

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