Closing the books

Mark G. Woodruff markgwoodruff at
Wed Aug 10 23:29:37 EDT 2005

Yes. You'll have to put in opening balances for each
account reflecting the previous year end balances. 

It's hard to automate that, since a lot of accounts
change around at year end as temporary accounts get
merged into the permanent ones. Assets, particularly
stocks, are an even bigger problem since GnuCash
doesn't record sufficient information to reconcile
which shares were bought and sold along the way.

'Tis a start, though.

--- Dale Alspach <alspach at> wrote:

> Doesn't this script trash all of the balances? After
> using this script one
> would have to put in equity transactions to recover
> the balances for Dec
> 31, 2004?
> Dale Alspach

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