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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Aug 16 20:10:50 EDT 2005


Quoting meu at

> greetings,
> after some googling I still couldn't find a solution for that:
> 1 - at the end of the year I want to close the ledger and start a new file,
> blank slate, but...
> 2 - how can I preserve the auto filling from the previous records?
> e.g. - if I duplicate the file and delete all records, the auto filling
> feature is gone. is there a way to keep it?

Nope.  First, there's no book-closing in Gnucash 1.8.  There should be that
functionality in a future release.   HOWEVER, when you close the books, 
it will
NOT retain the auto-fill feature.  Auto-fill is based on existing 
and the current book-closing feature is designed to create a new datafile
(which means those old transactions are not in the new datafile, so they wont
be available to initialize the autofill database).

> tia,
> joe karma

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