GnuCash and Postgres

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Aug 24 13:09:39 EDT 2005


Quoting Carlos Correia <carlos at>:

> Since data integrity is not enforced, it will be harder for an
> application to write directly in GnuCash DB, once you would have to
> assure that data is being properly written :-(

This is true both in SQL and XML.  Gnucash does not support another 
writing into its datastore.  If you want to import data into the Gnucash
datastore you should use the Gnucash APIs or (eventually) QSF.

Even with the SQL re-write, data integrity will not be enforces at the SQL
level.  It's can't be enforced because SQL has no concept of the financial
relationships between objects.  How would you define "all transactions must be
balanced" in SQL?

> | There is no data dictionary but the tables can be reverse engineered,
> | they're not that complicated.
> |
> You're right, though it's not that simple. Perhaps I'll join the SQL
> backend dev team ;-)

You're welcome to...  I'm hoping that Matthew will speak up, but he might not
read this list.  I think we should move this discussion over to the 
-devel list
if you intend to proceed.

> Thanks
> Carlos


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