GnuCash and Postgres

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Aug 24 18:12:06 EDT 2005


First, why are your email replies always so weird?  You see how in my 
reply your
text is indented/quoted, and mine is not?  Why are your replies 
"different"? You seem to quote your own replies and not quote the 
people to whom you are
replying, which makes it VERY hard to follow what you're saying. It's 
even more
difficult to follow your text when you have a reply to a reply to a reply and
everyone else is using the standard quoting method and you use your bastard
quoting method.

Could you please try to reply in the Internet Standard Reply form?  I 
know that
Derrick Brashear complained to you on the OpenAFS list.  I'm now 
complaining to
you on this list.  Please change you behavior if you want people to listen to
you and understand what you're trying to say.

I'm absolutely certain that Outlook can use the standard quoting methods that
everyone else uses.


Quoting ted creedon <tcreedon at>:

> How would you define "all transactions must be balanced" in SQL?
>> You don't. I would suggest using Visio Enterprise Architect for the Data
> Modeling though.

See, if you can't enforce this kind of work in SQL then by definition any
process that is inputting data into the database must know all the financial
relationships and enforce them itself.  In other words, every application must
have all of Gnucash's knowledge of the financial relationships in order to
properly insert data.  Ergo, only Gnucash should be inserting data into the

Where can I get Visio Enterprise Architect for Linux?  Honestly, I don't think
the gnucash data model is sufficiently challenging that we need something like
that.  I think a simple Dia diagram would suffice to show the table layouts.

> tedc


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