qif files

Andrew Sackville-West andrew at farwestbilliards.com
Thu Aug 25 13:52:01 EDT 2005

Meg, I think that is the quicken file and not the .qif exported file.

We're looking for the .qif file that is generated by exporting from 
quicken. I think its File-> Export -> ?? and it should pop up a window 
that allowsyou to select a variety of options (doing this from memory) 
like whether to export Accounts or Categories, transactions etc. select 
Transactions, set a date range and so forth. It should prompt you for a 
file name to export to, use what you like, it should end in .qif. Then 
open THAT file and send a few lines (or try importing it as it seems 
you're not using the right file?)

what are you using for text editor? is that gobbledy-gook from word or 
something? use wordpad or notepad in windows or anything in *nix.


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