Bi-Monthly Scheduled Pmt Not Possible?

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Aug 25 15:57:07 EDT 2005

Well, how did you send this original question to the list in the
first place?  What have *I* been putting in the CC field of these
messages back to you?

Perhaps you should click "Reply to All" or "Reply to List" instead
of "Reply"?


JUNIPER <snijuniper at> writes:

> Now I have to expose even more of my ignorance... What do I put in the 
> cc line to include a copy to cc gnucash-user?
> Thanks again!
> Steve
> Derek Atkins wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Please be sure to CC gnucash-user on all replies...
>> Quoting JUNIPER <snijuniper at>:
>>> Thanks! I should have tried the "advanced" window before posing my
>>> question. There I was given the "monthly" option and have set
>>> things up accordingly.
>> You're welcome..
>>> However, I don't know what gtk1 is. Is this something unique to
>>> gnucash? I have no such problem anywhere else.
>> GTK is the GIMP ToolKit.  It's the graphical widget set gnucash is
>> based on. Gtk1 is the "version 1" of gtk, as opposed to gtk2, the
>> "version 2".  At this
>> point, yes, it is rather unique to gnucash -- pretty much everything
>> else has
>> been ported to gtk2.  The gnucash port hasn't finished.  It's likely
>> that once
>> gnucash is at gtk2 this problem will go away.
>>> Appreciatively,
>>> Steve
>> -derek

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