Alt T in the Main Menu area generates report, instead of showing Tools pull down.

Beth Leonard beth at
Thu Aug 25 23:02:20 EDT 2005

On Thu, Aug 25, 2005 at 09:50:08PM -0400, Ben Pracht wrote:
> Hello,
> Anyway, when I'm at what I call the main menu, where the menu bar says 
> "File, Edit, View, Tools, Reports, etc", if I type Alt-T, it generates 
> an Account Summary report.  I'd rather it gave me the Tools menu, since 
> that's what the underscore under the T in tools implies.  It's only 
> after doing Alt-R that I see that Alt-T is the Account Summary report. 
> I think changing Alt-T to bring down the Tools menu would make the GUI 
> more consistent.

When I hit Alt-T, it works like you think it should.  Is it possible
that you accidently defined a keyboard shortcut of Alt-T to the
Account Summary report?  If you did, to get rid of it, press the
delete key while the menu item is highlighted.  From the tutorial
section 2.3.7:

  GnuCash, as a Gnome application, also allows you to define your own menu
  shortcuts. To define a shortcut, click on the menu header and move the
  mouse pointer over the menu item. While the menu item is highlighted,
  press a key or key combination to set the shortcut. You should now see
  your shortcut choice next to the item in the menu. To delete a shortcut,
  press the Delete key while the menu item is highlighted.

When I tried re-assigning Alt-T to generate a report instead, hitting
Alt-T generated the report.  After I deleted that shortcut, Alt-T
did nothing until I exited gnucash and restarted.  After that, it worked
as expected again.  That's probably a bug, but so minor I'm not sure
it's even worth filing.

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