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Eric Angell eric at
Wed Aug 31 00:40:16 EDT 2005


I'm trying to build a report that will show me the total dollar
amount that I've invested in my Roth IRA YTD, so I can easily
figure out how much room I currently have between that total and
the yearly cap.  Clearly I only want to count direct
contributions in this total, not dividends or management fees.

The IRA consists of two mutual funds each obviously have their
own account, and are under a common parent.  Most of the
contributions are transactions between one of those two accounts
and one of my bank accounts, and a transaction report (Gnucash
1.8.10, Debian) shows their total nicely.  The problem comes in
that one of the contributions to each account came directly from
a separate non-IRA fund with the same broker.  Each of these two
transactions has a well-defined dollar amount, but the TX report
insists on showing their value in units of (source) fund shares,
even in the grand total.

If I switch the report accounts and the filter accounts, then
everything is shown in units of the IRA fund shares, which is
also not what I'm looking for.

Any suggestions?  The only other report name that looks
potentially applicable is the cash flow report, but that's not
actually anything near like what I'm looking for.



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