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Eric Angell eric at
Wed Aug 31 16:33:43 EDT 2005

On Tue, Aug 30, 2005 at 23:41:44 -0700, Michael Vrable wrote:

> The report should compute cash flowing between selected and non-selected
> accounts.  It should ignore transactions entirely among selected
> accounts.  This will only work though if you have all the
> income/expenses related to your IRA in separate accounts from non-IRA
> income/expenses.
Hm.  Well, this does seem to do the trick of getting me a total,
though I had to split:




Fortunately, that only involved rearranging about 20 transactions.
Do others think this is a reasonable account tree compatible with
GAAP?  Should I further divide the Roth and 401k accounts into
subaccounts for each relevant fund?

I prefer the transaction report since it shows each of the
relevant transactions (which would let me quickly identify
something that doesn't belong there and recheck the report
options), but it's definitely nice to get the total in dollars.

I've heard various things about several of the reports being
different in the upcoming G2 release - maybe the TX report will
get an option to restrict the currency displayed, or maybe I'll
file an RFE (or attempt Scheme) then.



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