svn: file listing

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri Dec 2 16:13:43 EST 2005

Quoting Jay Scherrer <jay at>:

> Is there any documentation using svn and gnucash on the website

No.  The website is woefully out of date.  We're
working to correct that, but right now the issue is a lack of
access tothe site.

> I attempted to check out the source using:
> svn co that worked fine but

That's exactly what you should do...

> then I got a hairbrained idea and tried to checkout gnucash's source
> just like cvs using:
> svn co
> What I am getting is quite interesting, but I don't know if I need this
> much information. I now have directories under gnucash consisting of
> gnucash/branches, /gnucash/tags, /gnucash/trunk. So far I don't see an
> end to my connection. Just about how many directories and files are
> needed to create a pluggin for gnucash?

Um, what you're doing NOW is pulling down every branch, every tag,
every release of gnucash.  You... should probably stop that..  And
we... should probably deny that...  But I'm not sure how to deny it
at that level.  *ponders*

What you did first is what you need.

> Jay Scherrer


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