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Sat Dec 3 02:16:23 EST 2005

Jay Scherrer wrote:
> Is there any documentation using svn and gnucash on the website
No, there isn't (as far as i know, they are too busy with the developent 
and it's not easy to update the web site.
> I attempted to check out the source using:
> svn co that worked fine but
> then I got a hairbrained idea and tried to checkout gnucash's source
> just like cvs using: 
> svn co 
Have a look at this page. It got the instruction on how to get the 
latest from svn , and building it.
> What I am getting is quite interesting, but I don't know if I need this
> much information. I now have directories under gnucash consisting of
> gnucash/branches, /gnucash/tags, /gnucash/trunk. So far I don't see an
> end to my connection. Just about how many directories and files are
> needed to create a pluggin for gnucash?
I thing that above thing is what you need.

Tor Harald Thorland

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