Importing QIF fails

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Dec 5 10:04:35 EST 2005

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Ron Pepper <feffer777 at> writes:

> Thanks for the quick reply, I was away from the computer for some time. When
> exporting the Full Export from Quicken on the Mac, I got a message at the end
> saying, "If a security has no symbol associated with it, it's price history is
> not exported. This might impact the reported Market Value of your securtiy
> when you import".

That's not important.. The QIF importer doesn't import price quotes.

> All securities have been given symbols and mostly I used the publicly traded
> security symbol, however the mutual funds in a 401k were given the proprietary
> designation that the plan used since they are not publicly traded. Also 2
> funds in my wife's 403b were given an arbitrary symbol since they didn't have
> one otherwise. I'm not sure whether or not this makes a difference. I did see
> my symbol designations in the price.qif file though; none where blank or
> changed.


> When I import this file into Gnucash, the import stops at 65% and I get the
> error message, "An error has occurred while loading the QIF file". Of course,
> that's not a very satisfying or informative message!

What's printed on the terminal?

> When I exported single files, Categories, Classes, Prices, Security all
> started with the appropriate !Type line, Accounts started with !
> Option:AutoSwitch. When I checked the Full Export file, that seemed to show !
> Type lines for the various types and I couldn't see any obvious error around 2
> /3 rds (65%) of the way down.
> I'm really not sure how to start troubleshooting this any suggestions?

Well, first, see what's printed on the terminal, if anything.
That might help.  Then you might want to consider a binary search
through the file to figure out what's failing.  Unfortunately
the qif importer was written long ago by a developer who's no longer
around.  It's only sort-of maintained but it's rather... finicky.

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> Thanks,
> Ron


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