problem with exchange rates

Manish Bhatia manish_bhatia_2703 at
Tue Dec 13 06:10:18 EST 2005

  I just moved all my financial records from MS money to gnucash.  I am 
using accounts with two currencies - USD and INR.  My transactions - money 
transfer between the USD and INR accounts - use an exchange rate of 1 USD 
equals 45 to 47 INR.  Everything looks fine on the Accounts page.  However, 
when I look at the Account Summary report - the number are messed up as 
gnucash is using 1 INR = 0.09865 USD instead of 1INR = 0.022 USD.

  I looked at the price editor for the different values of INR - USD 
exchange rate it has.  It says that it gets transactions in gnucash - and 
all the values specified there are in the correct range: 1USD = 45-47 INR.  
I'm not able to figure out why gnucash uses a different exachange rate for 
the Account Summary report (and in fact for all other reports as well).

  Any help with this is highly appreciated.


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