Gnucash and inventory

Marc Paré marc at
Thu Dec 15 01:56:24 EST 2005

Derek Atkins a écrit :

>Marc Paré <marc at> writes:
>>Brian ... you suggested that many people have requested an inventory 
>>module and to register my request for one as well. Would I just do that 
>>here or is Derek taking note of these on his own?
>While I /do/ read this list..  Feature requests should be made
>in bugzilla.   Note that you should check whether the request exists
>already before you create a new entry.
>Yes, Inventory has been requested before.  However I have no plans to
>implement it myself.  I'll gladly help some other enterprising
>developer who wants to implement it.
Thanks for the note Derek. I realize that you do read the list and your 
response to calls for help are always well appreciated and informative. 
If some help is needed for the testing of an inventory module I could 
maybe help out in this area as I do not have any programming skills. 
Otherwise, I know that if I need to change accounting package due to my 
inventory keeping needs, I would only be doing so begrudgingly/. 
/Gnucash is a great programme!



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