Installing Gnucash on OS X 10.3

David Reed drlinux at
Tue Dec 20 08:24:15 EST 2005

On Dec 20, 2005, at 6:17 AM, Adrian Simmons wrote:

> Romil D. Shah wrote:
>> then using X11 shell I tried to invoke the program (/sh/bin/gnucash)
> Is that a typo?
> By default fink will have installed Gnucash in /sw/bin/gnucash
> 10.3 is of course Jaguar not Tiger, make sure you have the right  
> version of Fink and the right binary installed.

Just in case the person is looking for the fink version based on the  
name and not the numbers, 10.3 is Panther (10.2 is Jaguar and 10.4 is  

> Make sure you've edited your bash .profile (or rc) in the way that  
> the Fink documentation describes.


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