Showing an investment as an expense in a report

Laurent Duperval lduperval at
Tue Dec 20 23:12:47 EST 2005

Andrew Sackville-West wrote:

>> Maybe. I'm trying to categorize my expenses according to four 
>> categories: necessities, entertainment, education and "just-in-case". 
>> The cashflow report shows where money is going, but doesn't give the 
>> percentages like the expense report does. That's really what I'm 
>> looking for. I'm tracking all my other assets as you would normally 
>> track assets. However, education is a bit different. Some of my 
>> education expenses are for books, training, school fees, etc. Part of 
>> it is for money I put aside for college and university, but for 
>> reporting reasons, I want it to show up as an expense. I'm just 
>> wondering if there's a way to do this, without messing up the 
>> accounting.
> I suspect not really. you're dealing with two distinct issues: ongoing 
> school-related expenses and investment of capital with an eye towards 
> using it for future education. They really are two different things 
> from an accounting perspective. You'll have to do what the rest of us 
> do ( I assume) and that is use both P&L reports and cashflow reports 
> (along with the all important balnce sheet) to get the real picture. 
> There is also some budgeting code in the G2 port that may be what 
> you're lookng for, but thats a ways away still.

Ooops, I just saw this reply now. THanks, I eventually managed to get 
something that represents what I am trying to achieve. It isn't perfectg 
but it works for now.


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