Wiki about learning curve aspects.

brydone at brydone at
Sat Dec 31 06:54:27 EST 2005

I'll do that if I have an urge to write another monologue which I feel
somewhat embarrased about actually, as it looks like an advertising
blurb perhaps and shouldn't really be part of an OSS Mailing list, and
in any event I can't handle any work like that infers, not even
responding to user problems I think I have an interest in, I still have

I was just scared my word would be taken as gospel and the font of all
wisdom in such matters, which ofcourse is rubbish, no matter how much of
a business genius I think I am, which may be a matter of some debate in
some qaurters in any event.

It has however occurred to me that as there is a developer list, and a
user list, perhaps there should also be a pure accountancy/book-keeping
problem mailing list, maybe the user-list covers it, I haven't been
observing it long enough.

Just a thought.


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