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Katipo katipo at
Sat Dec 31 15:43:10 EST 2005

brydone at wrote:

> not even
>responding to user problems I think I have an interest in, I still have
Social inclusion, into a 'once-removed' scenario such as a mailing list, 
can be very constructive in recycling charcoal.

>I was just scared my word would be taken as gospel and the font of all
>wisdom in such matters,
We can always use more fonts.

>It has however occurred to me that as there is a developer list, and a
>user list, perhaps there should also be a pure accountancy/book-keeping
>problem mailing list, maybe the user-list covers it, I haven't been
>observing it long enough.
>Just a thought.
What makes it all work is the openness factor.
Developers get to see what accountants and bookkeepers perceive, and are 
in a position to modify programming to suit infield/locale practical 
Business geniuses like me get to see the potential for lost pounds that 
the accountants are missing, because they're concentrating to much on 
the pennies.
And the small, home-based enduser gets to learn from everybody else's 
mistakes, and don't underrate what they're capable of contributing either.

Focussing the entire community at one point is the strength of open source.
It's what it means.
Too much fragmentation can defeat that.

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