gnucash not calculating cents properly.

Beth Leonard beth at
Fri Jun 3 02:32:28 EDT 2005

On Fri, Jun 03, 2005 at 12:06:38AM -0500, Daniel Sheppeard wrote:
> When I enter a check, it ignores the second decimal place when it
> figures the balance. For example, if the previous balance was $1972.50
> and I write a check for $30.42, the resulting balance is $1942.10.
> Anyone else encounter this? Any fixes?

When I tried your numbers above, I got the expected $1942.08 (no
error) so I tried to duplicate the behavior you're seeing.  I was
able to do it by:
* Click on the (new, empty) account to highlight it in the main account tree
* Click the Edit button
* In the general information tab change Smallest Fraction to 1/10
* Add the two transactions you described above (an increase of
  $1972.50 from Equity:Opening Balances, and a decrease of $30.42
  from an expense account)

Now the resulting balance is $1942.10, but interestingly enough
the expense account that I used increased by $30.42 instead of

Changing the smallest fraction after you have already put transactions
in the account makes the account not put any amount at all in the
balance column -- if you did mistakenly change your smallest fraction
to be too small, you will have to re-enter your data.  (Or maybe someone
else knows a better solution.)

Note that by default Gnucash has "Use Commodity Value" for smallest

For those who have followed rounding discussions here before, and
might be curious, it looks like the account register uses a "round
to even" on the amount in the debit/credit column before
updating the total balance if you have the smallest fraction set to be
smaller than the number of decimals in your entered numbers.

Let me know if this was your problem, or if it looks to you like
something else caused this behavior.

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