qif import missing stock prices

Steve Kelem steve at kelem.net
Wed Feb 1 13:16:22 EST 2006

It looks like there are two steps that I need help in:

1. How to download prices for stocks on a certain date. Finance::Quote 
seems to work on only the current prices. There must be a way
to get historical prices for stocks & bonds.

2. Once I get the prices, how to import them into gnucash. There are too 
many to input one at a time. It looks like I could hack the .xac file,
but this seems like something that many people would like to do, so a 
more general solution would be a good thing.
What are the available mechanisms?  Do I have to learn postgresql? Write 
a Perl script? Learn guile?

Please advise,

Derek Atkins said the following on 1/6/2006 1:56 PM:

> Quoting Steve Kelem <steve at kelem.net>:
>> I imported all my accounts and transactions into GnuCash, and all the 
>> stock history is missing.
> The importer doesn't hand stock quotes.
>> How can I import historical stock prices?
> Write a script to download them from yahoo?   I honestly don't know
> of a good way offhand.
>> Thanks,
>> Steve
> -derek

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