importing historical quotes into gnucash

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Thu Feb 2 21:45:54 EST 2006

On Thu, Feb 02, 2006 at 04:56:43PM -0800, Steve Kelem wrote:
|    David Hampton said the following on 2/2/2006 4:03 PM:
|  The hard part will be generating unique guid numbers.

|    That's the kind of info I would like to know about.  What's a guid
|    number?

Globally Unique IDentifier

|    What's the range?  Does it just have to be unique in the file?
|    Can I generate any number that's not already in that file?

You'll want to ensure that any number you generate will not be created
later by gnucash's own algorithm.  There are programs and libraries
that claim to be able to correctly produce unique identifiers.  I
haven't worked with any of them, but a quick search with apt-cache
turns up the following:
    uuid-dev - universally unique id library - headers and static libraries
    uuid - OSSP uuid
    uuidcdef - Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) generator


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