Compiling 1.8.12 on debian

Neil Williams linux at
Sat Feb 4 15:08:12 EST 2006

On Sunday 08 January 2006 11:31 pm, Martin Wolters wrote:
> Summary: Building from scratch on debian 

Why are you building 1.8.12 at all when all development is on gnucash-1.9.0 
using subversion? GnuCash is a complex build and no-one is developing 1.8.x 

> in order to enable HBCI on debian I am trying to install aqbanking and
> gnucash from scratch. I use the following build sequence:

(n.b. if a feature is not available in the Debian package there is usually a 
VERY good reason for the omission - i.e. it won't build.)

I don't use HBCI with gnucash but the developers who do are solely working on 
gnucash 1.9.0, leading to gnucash2, available via subversion:

> ./configure --disable-error-on-warning

That's one mistake - if you need that option, something is already wrong in 
your build environment. 

> --enable-hbci 
> --build=i686-pc-linux-gnu --prefix=/usr --enable-debug

It's often unwise to build directly into /usr/ - use a prefix in somewhere 
safer like /opt/.

> make
> make install

You don't mention sudo so I hope you are NOT trying to build gnucash as 
ROOT!!! (Summary: DON'T!)

> (
>  --disable-error-on-warning required due to multiple warnings a la:
>      'XXX' differ in signedness
> )

Then you sound like you are using gcc4 along with g-wrap 1.3 - a well known 
problem pairing. g-wrap 1.3 cannot produce code compatible with gcc4 and you 
must switch to g-wrap 1.9 and all it's attendant libraries.

> ( BTW: How do I figure out which configure options the official debian
> package used? Sorry, I am a Debian-Newbie )

You can (via the package development page) but it's not advisable. Instead, 
obtain svn, read the README.svn and use that information - IF you still want 
to build from source.

Note that building from svn (or CVS with other projects) is different to 
building a distributed tarball. See the README.svn for full information.

> In the mailing list archive people talked about multiple guile-versions
> causing similar things. But I don't see multiple versions on my system.

No, you've just got an old version that needs to be replaced. WHEN you replace 
it, you could be left with a mixed system and that's when the multiple 
version issue arises. Jump to the solution: purge g-wrap 1.3 and guile. 
Install g-wrap 1.9.6-3 from testing or unstable.

> option. I have a feeling that something with the guile setup is wrong.

It is. Your compiler version means you need g-wrap 1.9 which in turn means you 
may not be able to build 1.8 anyway. Switch to the subversion gnucash 1.9.0 
tree and upgrade g-wrap and guile.


Neil Williams

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