"Virtual" accounts

Joel Konkle-Parker jjk3 at msstate.edu
Wed Feb 8 11:50:10 EST 2006

I have a single checking account that I use on a daily basis, and is
reflected by an account in Gnucash under Assets.

I have a wedding coming up, and I want to be able to track the assets
and expenses for this separately from the rest of my money, even though
the funds are actually in the same physical checking account.

Right now I just have an Expenses/Wedding account set up, and am putting
money into it with a Debit from my checking account (and taking money
out with a Credit). This means that right now Expenses/Wedding has
-$xxxx, and each payment from that pool of money shows up as $xxx.

This seems like a clumsy solution though. Is there a better way?

Joel Konkle-Parker

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