Semi-OT: Eastern MA (US) banks compatable with GNUCash?

Don Levey gnucash at
Mon Feb 13 13:08:23 EST 2006

gnucash-user-bounces at wrote:
> "Don Levey" <gnucash at> writes:
>> Is anyone using direct interface using HBCI?
> Only Germans.
> Note that gnucash-1.9 with modern aqbanking and libofx should
> give you OFX Direct Connect, provided you can find your bank's
> -derek

Ah, well that could be the reason why I'm not getting it to work when
connecting to a (nominally) US bank...  I'll check out 1.9, though I may
wait until it is packaged for Fedora so I can maintain my RPM database.

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