Compiling 1.9 - ltdl.h/libtool error [was: RE: Semi-OT: Eastern MA (US) banks compatable with GNUCash?]

Don Levey gnucash at
Tue Feb 14 20:03:28 EST 2006

gnucash-user-bounces at wrote:
> gnucash-user-bounces at wrote:
>> "Don Levey" <gnucash at> writes:
>>> Is anyone using direct interface using HBCI?
>> Only Germans.
>> Note that gnucash-1.9 with modern aqbanking and libofx should
>> give you OFX Direct Connect, provided you can find your bank's OFX
>> URL.
>> -derek
> Ah, well that could be the reason why I'm not getting it to work when
> connecting to a (nominally) US bank...  I'll check out 1.9, though I
> may wait until it is packaged for Fedora so I can maintain my RPM
> database. Thanks!
>  -Don
> __________

So... there I am, trying to compile 1.9.  I figured I would take the chance,
since the next RPM package for Fedora would most likely be 2.0 and would
update then.  First step is to run ./configure, where I get:

	checking for ltdl.h... no
	configure: error: Cannot find ltdl.h -- libtool-devel not installed?

Interesting thing is:
	[root at dauphin gnucash-1.9.0]# rpm -q libtool
	[root at dauphin gnucash-1.9.0]# locate ltdl.h

There doesn't appear to be a libtool-devel package for Fedora, but the
header file does exist anyway (all references I see via Google suggest that
the libtool package should give me what I need).  I tried looking through
the ./configure command-line options, but wasn't able to determine which one
(if any) would be useful for pointing to my libtool installation (I found
that PREFIX and LIB won't do it).  I also added the directory to
LD_LIBRARY_PATH just in case, but that didn't help.  Any thoughts?

[NOTE: I know that this is unstable, but am willing to test with what I've
got.  I'm not a programmer, though, so I don't know how useful my input will

Thanks in advance,

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