Automatic Quotes

Jack Lewin jacklewin at
Thu Feb 23 13:31:02 EST 2006

Have figuredout & configured perldoc Finance::Quote,
"dump-finance-quote" works

I have set up 5 stocks using "TSX" (Toronto Stock Exchange"  as my
Commodities type the ledgers are filled out,  when I enter =
"# gnucash --add-price-quotes /home/jack/gnucash.xac" 

This is what I get =

 # gnucash --add-price-quotes /home/jack/.gnucash.xac
gnucash: [W] "No accounts marked for quote retrieval."
gnucash: [M] "session-save failed "1003
gnucash: [E] "Failed to add quotes to ""/home/jack/.gnucash.xac"

I'm sure I have followed the Tutorial line by line, but this seems to be
stumping me


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