Can't remove an account called "Orphan-GBP"

Ludovic Coumétou (aka Coume) coume.mailinglists at
Sat Feb 25 11:29:53 EST 2006


I just emerged Gnucash 1.9.1 (Built 2006-02-25 from r13313) without any
problem but after opening my account file, a new account called
"Orphan-GBP" got created.

Indeed, I had a transaction without the source of income set to
"Income:Cash". I have modified and corrected the problematic
transaction, but I can't find a way to remove the "Orphan-GBP" account,
which is now empty. The "delete selected account" button does not seem
to work, or at least it does not want to remove this one.

Anyone knowing how to overcome this problem and remove the "Orphan-GBP"

Thanks in advance

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