Trouble with Investment account and balance sheet.

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Jan 4 14:19:38 EST 2006

Gnucash 1.8 does not handle the automatic processing of
capital gains/losses..  So when you sold the shares you
didn't account of the income of the gain (or expense of
the loss)..  So the balance sheet is off.

This will be better handled in gnucash2 -- you can check it
out of SVN if you wish, but it's unlikely you'll get it
to work on RHEL3.


Quoting Jean-David Beyer <jdbeyer at>:

> I just started using gnucash 1.8.8 (I hope that does not matter, but it is
> all I have gotten to work on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3) for investments.
> I just set up an investment account named Margin (it is an asset account of
> type "bank"), and under it an account named Berkshire (it is type "stock").
> Now I stuck an initial balance of 5 shares in there @ $1487.125 in 2000, and
> got that from Equity->Initial Balances.
> If I then run a balance sheet, it is correct and Assets match 
> Liabilites&Equity.
> But if I then sell one share @$2995 today, the number of shares ges down by
> one, the $2995 I debit to the parent (Margin) account, so its total goes up
> by $2995.
> But if I run a balance sheet again, the Assets do not match the
> liabilities+equity.
> If I look at the accounts register, it says Margin is $14975. which is
> correct and that Berkshire is 4 shares BRK.B, which is also correct.
> But the balance sheet says there is $2995. in the Margin account (true) and
> $6953.75 in the Berkshire account. But what is really in there is 4 BRK.B
> worth $2995. each, or $11980. The trouble is that even if the balance sheet
> said that, it would make the unbalance even worse. It says
> Assets               $13490.69
> Liabilities            $942.27
> Total Equity         $10035.29
> Liabilities & Equity $10977.56
> I am not ready to say GnuCash has an error in it, but more likely that I am
> seriously misunderstanding something. But what?
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