Not having much joy with the Postgres backend.

David Jurke david.jurke at
Sun Jun 4 22:16:20 EDT 2006

Hiya Team,

Please forgive me if I'm being stupid, but I can't make GnuCash write to a
Postgres backend. Or rather I can, but not what I want it to write. Read

I'm running Fedora Core 1, which means (or so yum thinks) I ought to be
running GnuCash version 1.8.8. (The rpm is gnucash-1.8.8-1). I've also
yummed gnucash-backend-postgres, which got me the rpm

I can open gnucash from the command line with
   $ gnucash postgres://localhost/gnucash?mode=single-update
which asks me if I want to create the database. Yes, I say, and it gives me
a blank screen. From there I can create accounts and add transactions, then
close gnucash and restart it with the same URL and the stuff I added is
still there, which tells me the postgres interface is working. Good so far.
But now I want to transfer my accounts over from a file store to the
postgres store.

So remove the "gnucash" database again so gnucash has a clean slate to start
with, and open up my gnucash accounts file in the normal way. As per the
backend README, I then "save as" that same postgres URL, and it asks me
again if I want to create the database (yes), and thinks for a while, then
produces a message box saying
  "The server at URL
   experienced an error or encountered bad or corrupt data"
Back in the shell session (I also specified --debug), I see quite a few
messages like
  Error: pgendStoreAllTransactions: send query failed:
          another command is already in progress
  Error: pgendGetAllCommodities: send query failed:
          another command is already in progress
  Error: pgendGetAllAccountsInBook: send query failed:
          another command is already in progress

At this point, after I acknowledge the message box, it's back at the "save
as" dialog, so obviously it's failed to save it all, which I can confirm by
closing gnucash and starting it up with the postgres URL again - I get a
blank screen.

I've had a search through google and the gnucash mailing list archives, and
I can't spot any reference to this problem. I suspect, in my ignorance, that
it might be a result of the volume of data I'm trying to shove through -
there are a lot of transactions (I've been using gnucash for a long time),
I'm guessing it's overflowing, can't cope with it all in one transaction
(only one commit, maybe, at the end?). But that's just a guess.

Any suggestions, anyone?



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