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Tue Jun 6 22:50:28 EDT 2006

On Jun 6, 2006, at 7:40 PM, Derek Atkins wrote:

> David Reiser <dbreiser at> writes:
>> No, and someone I tried to help with this several months back seemed
>> to run into a brick wall as well.
>> The address of the Discover Card ofx server is still listed the same
>> this year as last (based on the MS database for Money).
>> The Discover Card site says you have to register before you can
>> retrieve transactions:
>> statements.shtml#downloadmsmoney
>> Have you registered for online access via either Money or Quicken?
>> Since I don't have a Discover Card, I can't try registering for the
>> Account Online activation.
> I wonder if the new LibOFX/AqBanking Direct Connect works with
> Discover Card?

I doubt it. has been very robust for me with respect to  
connections. There have been some changes in several financial  
institutions in my experience that suggest a (light duty) security  
choice in effect. Ameritrade doesn't care if you have extra data in  
your ofx header, as long as everything they are expecting is correct.  
Vanguard throws an html 404 error at you if you send it any extra  
information, even if your logon ID and password are correct. Chase's  
<FIORG> in ofx-land is "B1", since they decided to use the servers  
acquired along with the rest of BankOne and apparently didn't want to  
change the server setup.

Because is pretty old at this point, and the original author  
successfully used it for connecting to DiscoverCard servers, I think  
Discover has changed their procedures to include customer's having to  
request access for Quicken/Money direct downloads. At least with that  
policy, they won't have hackers beating on accounts where customers  
won't notice spurious ofx behavior. I had to request access to my  
Chase credit card accounts, even after I had signed up for web access  
to my account information. Chase charges for ofx access to checking/ 
savings accounts, but not credit card accounts.

There is another possibility. I just signed up for Quicken access to  
my business checking account. I haven't had time to try it out (pin  
came in the mail yesterday), but the instructions say that I will be  
required to change my pin the first time I connect. If Discover has  
gone that route, then Discover customers will have to borrow a copy  
of Quicken to get set up before they can use or aqbanking  
regularly. Aqbanking may offer a mechanism for changing pins, but it  
depends on whether libofx has implemented the function on their end.  
I know that does not offer a method for changing pins.

The Discover online FAQ does not mention having to change pins.

> -derek
David Reiser
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