Can't start GNUCash anymore

Josh Sled jsled at
Wed Jun 7 21:46:09 EDT 2006

On Wed, 2006-06-07 at 21:33 -0400, Bernard Fay wrote:

> This is what I got trying to start it from a terminal:
> zherc:~$ gnucash
> Transactions: Total: 97, Loaded: 101
> Accounts: Total: 86, Loaded: 85
> Books: Total: 1, Loaded: 0
> Commodities: Total: 1, Loaded: 1
> Scheduled Tansactions: Total: 4, Loaded: 4
> Error: create_each_transaction_he...(): Common-commodity difference:
> old=CAD, ne w=CAD
> Error: create_each_transaction_he...(): Some error in new transaction
> creation.. .
> ** ERROR **: file dialog-sxsincelast.c: line 1614 (sxsincelast_init):
> assertion failed: (nextPage)
> aborting...
> Aborted

There was an error in SX creation, which causes it to intentionally

You should start gnucash with the argument `--nofile`, go to Edit >
Preferences > Scheduled Transactions and turn off since-last-run
processing at file-start.  Then, you can open your datafile and go into
the Scheduled Transaction list to see what the problem might be.

The error message given "common-commodity difference: old=CAD, new=CAD"
would lead one to believe that somehow you have two different "CAD"
commodities in the system, that while having the same name, have
different identities.  This would be very weird.

(FWIW, the 2.0 SX subsystem will handle this a bit better... it will try
much harder to not intentionally abort, anyways).

...jsled - `a=jsled;; echo ${a}@${b}`

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