Can't Make GC Forget Past Import Attempt

Jerry Criswell criswel at
Mon Jun 12 16:19:37 EDT 2006

I attempted an import of all my accounts from Quicken 2006 for Home &
Business which failed miserably.  None of the accounts contained all of
their transactions or had the correct balances, so I decided to attempt
importing just my share draft account.  When I did that, it loaded the QIF
file, but when I got to the part about where to put it, it still shows all
the information from the last import.  Well, I can fix that, I said, and
deleted and reinstalled GC.  Started GC and it complained that it couldn't
find the tutorial file. That makes sense because I deleted it, but how
does it know that if I deleted and reinstalled GC.  I created a new
tutorial file with one account and tried the import again.  It still shows
all the info from the original import fiasco.  I'd like to start over with
a clean slate so what do I have to delete besides GC to start over?


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