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Mon Jun 12 23:45:56 EDT 2006

On Jun 12, 2006, at 9:28 PM, Chris Spencer wrote:

> Derek Atkins wrote:
>> Quoting Chris Spencer <gmane.20.evilspam at>:
>>> Elizabeth Dodd wrote:
>>>> On Tuesday 13 June 2006 08:29, Chris Spencer wrote:
>>>>> That's unfortunate. Without some ability to automate the mundane
>>>>> information entry aspect, Gnucash is going to be far more  
>>>>> trouble than
>>>>> it's worth. However, thanks for answering my questions.
>>>> Do you mean transferring old account information or entering new?
>>> Mostly the later. Manually retrieving a file of all my credit/debit
>>> transactions on a daily/weekly/monthly basis shouldn't be necessary.
>>> Granted, syncing with the myriad banking websites is no trivial  
>>> task,
>>> even if they do allow you to export your data.
>> Does your bank support OFX?  If so, you might want to use OFX Direct
>> Connect instead of manually downloading the file from their website.
> I'm currently with PNC, and it's not clear if they do, although it  
> looks
> like they support Quicken and Intuit says PNC supports "Direct  
> Connect".
> How do you find out if you bank supports QFX, and how do you take
> advantage of it if they do? I don't see any way to get a QFX file  
> to import.
> Chris

PNC supports Quicken, but only as a separate entity from their web  
banking interface. The only 'export' function in the web banking  
interface I've found is csv.

Furthermore, their Quicken support is handled through a third party  
that makes non-proprietary connections difficult. I have successfully  
used Aqbanking's ofxDirectConnect capability inside gnucash 1.9.x to  
connect to several credit card and investment accounts. But it gave  
me an error trying to connect to my PNC checking account. I got a  
free copy of Quicken with TurboTax this year, so I know I can connect  
through Quicken, but the provider seems not to use a standard SSL  
negotiation, as Aqbanking complains about an error in exchanging SSL  
certificate information.

For the moment, I'm not counting on getting PNC to connect with  
gnucash, nor provide an ofx/qfx download. For my business account,  
they also want $2/month for Quicken access (something like $15/month  
for Quickbooks). Time to cancel my free trial, and not move my  
personal accounts from a credit union too small to pay the Intuit  
extortion for an ofx server app. Darn.

David Reiser
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