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David Reiser dbreiser at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 18 23:45:01 EDT 2006

On Jun 17, 2006, at 10:28 PM, Eddie Colon wrote:

> Hello,
>          I'm not a member of this list, but I am interested in  
> using Gnucash with my pda.     I will install it on my notebook,  
> but I want to know if there is a way to run it on my Treo650,  or  
> at least record my daily checkbook activity on my Treo, then  
> transfer that daily data to my notebook in the evening.   Can this  
> be done ?

I use PocketMoney from Catamount Software to handle my mobile entry.  
It has a Palm style interface, but it also has a hotsync conduit that  
appends entries to a qif file on the base machine  each hotsync. If  
you forget to delete the qif file on the base machine after importing  
to gnucash, you end up with the "Are these duplicates?" dialog during  
your next gnucash import, but that's a minor annoyance. One of these  
days I'll write a script to take care of that.

Catamount does support Treo Palm OS versions. I don't know if they've  
caught up to the 700 yet.
> If not ,  can anyone recommend a  pda app for substitiuting the   
> traditional checkbook.
> I thank you all in advance,
> Eddie Colon
> ecr959 at yahoo.com

David Reiser
dbreiser at earthlink.net

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