Deposits as Liabilities or other?

Ian S. Worthington ianworthington at
Mon Jun 19 06:52:07 EDT 2006


I'm very new to gnucash, so please forgive any stupid questions.

First thanks:  In spite of all the concerns about how easy gnucash was going
to be to install I got it (and VMware (under XP) and the centos-based trixbox)
up and running with no problems apart from the installing and configuation of
gnome and vmware itself (still ongoing).

For those who need to do likewise I found a yum repository at, though unless you need asterix trixbox isn't the place to
start. This repository only carries 1.8.11 though.

I'm new to accounting fundamentals too I'm afraid, but worked through the
tutorial last night and am feeling a bit more comfortable now.  I can't quite
figure out how to do the following:

1. Set the currency to have no decimals -- I'm working in a currency that
doesn't have a fractional component.

2. My wife's family, for whom this is for, rents widgets to a small number of
people. To rent a widget during the day costs, say $40 and during the night
costs $38.  In addition there is some sort of deposit/savings plan associated
with each rental of $2, which is held against damages and returned at year
end, or when the cutomer closes their account. (If you think this is odd,
you're not alone.)

My first though was to create a Liability to each customer and split the money
received to Assets:Cash and Liabilities:customer, but then I actually have
more cash than the account shows.

Can someone suggest what the correct procedure here is?



Ian S Worthington

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