Discover Card Import

Bryan Phinney bphinney_list at
Mon Jun 19 09:00:28 EDT 2006

On Sunday 18 June 2006 20:55, Adam Rosi-Kessel wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 06, 2006 at 06:07:18PM -0400, David Reiser wrote:
> > >Has anyone had any luck importing Discover Card data lately? I
> > >tried the script at but it
> > > fails without explanation.
> >
> > No, and someone I tried to help with this several months back seemed
> > to run into a brick wall as well.
> > The address of the Discover Card ofx server is still listed the same
> > this year as last (based on the MS database for Money).
> > The Discover Card site says you have to register before you can
> > retrieve transactions:
> >
> > statements.shtml#downloadmsmoney
> > Have you registered for online access via either Money or Quicken?
> I've registered with Discover Card generally and can access my account
> from the web interface; but I haven't registered with Money or Quicken
> (as I don't have either program). It's not clear to me from that FAQ
> where there is any magic that occurs when you first connect from Money or
> Quicken...

Not sure about this either.  I have previously had Discover registered for use 
with Quicken around 1997.  However, my current account is actually a 
different account number (opened by my wife) which prompted me to close my 
previously registered Discover card.  The current one was NEVER registered 
for use via Quicken or Money.  Previous to my finding the script, I 
was basically manually importing transactions by entering them off the web 
display of the account.

So, I would tend to believe that you don't have to register via Quicken or 
Money to gain access to downloading your account.
> On Tue, Jun 06, 2006 at 09:23:23PM -0400, Bryan Phinney wrote:
> > And you run the script:
> > discover fullacct# fullacct#
> > When I do that, I get prompted for my password and the data file comes
> > right down.
> So my question is whether you first registered with Money or Quicken, or
> if this just works for you? 

See above.

> Also, did you intentionally put fullacct# 
> twice in your example, or is it supposed to be your username first?

My account number is my username, I have never attempted to change my username 
from the Discover default.

If yours is different, I would suggest you try switching them around to see if 
one is the magic key.

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