creditcard reconciliation impossible

A.J. Bonnema abonnema at
Fri Jun 23 05:27:02 EDT 2006

A.J. Bonnema wrote:
> Wouter van Marle wrote:
>>> What *is* the problem is reconciliation. GNUCash insists on an imbalance 
>>> because the creditcard statement is always a week before the 
>>> bankstatement (payment) so that in the meantime another payment has been 
>>> issued.
>> You can of course always add an "accounts/payable" account for this
>> transfer. Book payment from cc to a/p for reconciliation, and later a/p
>> to bank when it's booked off of the bank account.
>> Wouter.
> Yep, I only see that solution too. Thanks for the term though, cause I 
> had no idea what to call such an "in between" account.
> Guus.

So I went to create the "accounts/payable". But where to create it?
Is it an asset or liability? I think not. Neither is it an income or 
expense account. That leaves me with an equity account: would that be 

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