creditcard reconciliation impossible

Anthony gnucash at
Fri Jun 23 06:48:07 EDT 2006

On 6/23/06, A.J. Bonnema <abonnema at> wrote:
> So I went to create the "accounts/payable". But where to create it?
> Is it an asset or liability? I think not. Neither is it an income or
> expense account. That leaves me with an equity account: would that be
> correct?
> Guus.

Accounts payable is a liability account.  It is money that you owe
someone else (in this case, the credit card company).  Also, Gnucash
has an account type called "A/Payable", if that's what you were
talking about.

But to go back to your question, I don't see what the problem is, and
I don't think using accounts payable is a good solution.  When you do
the reconciliation, you only mark as reconciled the charges and
payments that appear on the statement.  The "ending balance" and
"reconciled balance" will then be equal.  They might not be equal to
zero, though.  The balance would only be zero if there were no
purchases during the period, or if the payment posts in the same

Which brings me to a question.  When *does* the payment P1 appear on
the credit card statement?  Is it reflected in the statement S1?  If
so, you need to make sure you enter the payment as of *that date*, not
the date the payment clears the bank.


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