1.9.8 Mortgage/Loan Druid

Jim Karcz jkarcz at gmail.com
Sat Jun 24 16:25:17 EDT 2006

I attempted to create a 30yr mortgage which I am about 2 years into. My 
thought was I could just enter the previous 24 past transactions 
automatically, then delete the old ones originally from my QIF import. I 
entered the loan as a basic fixed interest rate with 360 payments 
starting in 6/2004.  The druid presents a list of Principal and 
Interest, P+I, calculations which appear to be within $0.01 here or 
there.  Looks good so far.

When it comes time to enter the scheduled transactions, The P+I for the 
first payment in 6/2004, seems to use the P+I for the next payment, 
7/2006. This appears to be a bug in the scheduled transaction creation 
from the Mortgage/Loan druid.


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