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Wed Mar 8 11:40:12 EST 2006

On Saturday 04 Mar 2006 17:21, Dr. Scott S. Jones wrote:
> +++ Elizabeth Dodd [04/03/06 14:56 +1100]:
> > On Tue, 28 Feb 2006 23:58, Mike Evans wrote:
> > > I would like the address field in my invoices to line up with the
> > > window in my envelopes using A4 paper Z folded.  Basically there is too
> > > much white space at the top of the invoice.  Do I need to looking at
> > > editing invoice.scm or is this a gtkhtml issue?  Any clues as to
> > > what/where to edit?
> > >
> > > Cheers
> >
> > doesn't really answer the question, but I make very few invoices for
> > posting. i print them to html and edit the html
> > (routinely i print to pdf and email invoices)
> For what it's worth, I print lots of letters, and most have the address
> block in the right space to appear in a bubble window envelope. For those
> that don't, including invoices, etc., as from gnucash, I just fold the
> paper so that at least the address shows up in the window, and the rest of
> the page folded to fit best in the envelope. It's clunky but fun sometimes
> to get creative with the paper and envelope sizing.
> Scott
That's what I've been doing.  Perhaps I'm a bit obsessive about neat folds in 
my invoices.  I'm sure the recipients don't worry too much about it. :)

Mike Evans

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