Automated invoicing.

Wouter van Marle wouter at
Wed Mar 15 01:47:19 EST 2006

Hi all,

Is there a way to automatically create invoices out of data stored in
the GnuCash accounts?
This in relation to my previous thread about "bank account vs assets
issue". My company is making quite some expenses on behalf of another
company (I book these expenses now as "liability"; in the other
company's books they can be expense, asset, whatever).
At the end of the month, there is always quite a list of items I have to
invoice to my partner's company. I now use the "reconcile" column to
mark the items "cleared" for invoiced, this for me to keep track of what
I have invoiced and what is new. Works OK, except for expenses through
credit card of which I get the bill with a month or two delay (and no I
do not have credit card slips or so of all these statements as it
includes autopay and automated Internet payments). So I'm having more
risk of missing items that are seriously backdated.

Now I'd like to know, is there an easy way to create an invoice out of
such a liabilities account, on a monthly basis, that includes all new
entries, even if the post date is older than the previous invoice?

Wouter van Marle

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