How to handle sale of partial lots of stock?

John Schoffstall john.schoffstall at
Wed Mar 15 14:06:45 EST 2006

[ack, replied to Derek instead of to the list, sorry]

Thanks for the fast reply!

Yes, I read that, and set up the splits as described. It works if I sell 
exactly the number of shares that I own. But if -NUM_SHARES is less than 
my total owned shares, my balance sheet will be unbalanced as a result. 
It remains unbalanced until I sell the rest of the shares of that stock 

== John

Derek Atkins wrote:
> You should read the concepts guide.
> -derek
> Quoting John Schoffstall <john.schoffstall at>:
>> Greetings! Running 1.8.10 on Debian etch. New GnuCash user, new list 
>> user, new Linux user.
>> I've been climbing the GnuCash learning curve for the past week, been 
>> happy with the software, and making good progress until now. I've hit 
>> a snag I can't get past, though.
>> How do you sell a partial lot of stock -- e.g., selling only 100 of 
>> 200 owned shares -- without unbalancing your balance sheet? I've tried 
>> creating two lots, each of 100 shares and only selling one, but that 
>> still whacks the balance sheet.
>> The examples in the docs all seem to show only the purchase and sale 
>> of equivalent amounts. I've googled the net and the mailing list 
>> archives, but can't find an answer I can understand.
>> This is a common situation; there must be an answer. Can anyone help?
>> == John
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