Selecting transactions with two accounts

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Ben Pracht <bpracht at> wrote:

> It's tax time again in the US.  I'm trying to figure out how much money 
> in cash my insurance
> companies have reimbursed me for medical expenses.  I've set it up so 
> that reimbursements count
> as income under the account Income.Healthcare Reimbursements, and the 
> cash account is
> Assets.current.Cash On Hand.
> I'd like to find all the transactions of the form:
> Debit to Assets.current.Cash On Hand
> Credit to Income.Healthcare Reimbursements
> I've tried to select the two accounts, but the search results always 
> come back empty, even though I can find a few by hand.  What gives?  I'd 
> settle for knowing which transactions involved both accounts, without 
> regard to which was debited and which was credited.

try report->transaction report-> accounts tab. select one account in the top box, select the other in bottom box, select filter type to "include...", adjust dates etc, should work for you.


> Thanks,
> Ben
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