Stock sale splits

Todd W. ttop123 at
Sun Mar 19 09:47:18 EST 2006

I got no takers on this... it'd be great if someone could tell me how  
a split transaction looks for a stock sale with a loss (the mentioned  
example below shows a gain).

On Mar 17, 2006, at 1:58 PM, Todd W. wrote:

Section 8.7 of the guide in table 8.1 it shows how to split a stock  
sale (see 
invest_sell1.html#invest_sellexample2).  The example is with a  
capital gain.  How does this transaction look if there is a loss?   
Instead of Income:Capital Gains in the "Buy" column, would it be  
Expense:Capital Loss in the "Sell" column?  And what about the  
balancing split for the Asset:Stock:SYMBOL?

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